Bible Reading Plans

The Bethel Five-Year Plan

The Bethel Five-Year Plan is based off of the pace of Discipleship Journal’s 5x5x5 Plan. The 5x5x5 Plan takes you through the entire New Testament in a year by reading a chapter a day, five days per week. This is a good pace for those who become overwhelmed or discouraged by quicker, more demanding Bible reading plans. It is also a very good pace for family worship.

Year One: Matthew – Revelation
Year Two: Genesis – First Samuel
Year Three: Second Samuel – Song of Solomon (Psalms excluded)
Year Four: Psalms, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Acts
Year Five: Isaiah – Malachi

Other Bible Reading Plans

One Year Plans:

5x5x5 Plan
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Two-Year Plans:

Don Carson 2-Year M’Cheyne Plan
Two Year Plan

Three-Year Plans:

Every Word in the Bible

You can find additional reading plans on Ligonier Ministries’ blog page.

Other Reading Plans

Westminster Standards

Dr. Joseph Pipa’s One Year Plan

John Calvin’s Institutes

Chapel Library One Year Plan

St. Augustine’s City of God

Collin Garbarino’s One Year Plan

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